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  • Hello player Im Back ... For those that have already downloaded the Zynga Game Bar for another of the developer’s games, like FarmVille, FrontierVille or Mafia Wars, you do not have to uninstall and re-download the bar for this to work. Simply choose Cafe World from the drop down menu of games on the far left side of the toolbar, and click on Cafe World. This loads in that particular toolbar, with that game’s specific stats, and should allow you to earn the 5 free Cafe Cash by entering the game.


    Cafe world - Grandpa and Baby Cha!

    Cafe World has released the Grandpa and Baby Cha! goals.. this event complete you can earn ,8x Ultra Stoves,Unlock Recipes , Spices, Decorations this event is timed at 12 days.

    * Week 1:Evil Sandwich,Tea times Cake,Jello Cups, Alphabet Soup, Blue 8x Ultra
    Complete Building Soap Box

    *Week2:Mouse Shaped Pancakes,Grandpa Butterscotch,Bubblegum Ice Cream, Dirtcake  Pink 8x Ultra ,Complete Building Doll house 

    * Build Family three: 10 stages of rewards

    *You have complete 2 catering campaign Complete limited time.Romeo's Lunch ,Story telling time
    Week 01

    Goal 01 Color Away
    Place your Blue Stove 
    Serve a Prime Rib With Au Jus 40 times(Random Dish 4hrs)
    Ask For 6 Cooking Book (post)

    Decorations Soap Box Car 
    Ask for 10 Wheel  (Post)
    Ask for 10 Wood Panel  (Request From Friend)
    Ask for 10Steering Wheel (Post)
    Ask for 10 Axel Bar (Request From Friend)

    Decorations Doll House
    Ask for 10 Brushes  (Post)
    Ask for 10 Plywood  (Request From Friend)
    Ask for 10 Circular Saw(Post)
    Ask for 10 Wood Paint (Request From Friend)

    Help  Family Tree - 10 Stages of Rewards

    Cafe World - Cafe Olympic

    Cafe World has released the Cafe Olympics 10 of this is timed Event you have 9days left, 
    * Unlocks 3 recipes  
    * 4x 50% stove.

    Goals 01 London Calling 
    Ask for 3 Backpacks (Post)
    Serve dish 10 times (Random Dish 4hrs)
    Ask for 3 Lucky Spoons (Request From Friend)

    Goals 02 Fly to London 
    Ask for Air Tickets (Post)
    Serve a dish 15 times (Random Dish 8hrs)
    Ask for Pillows (Request From Friend)
    Reward Unlocks: Pasta Salad recipe

    Goals 03 Set the Arena 
    Ask for Planks (Post)
    Serve a dish 40 times(Random Dish 16hrs)
    Ask for Nails (Request From Friend)

    Goals 04 Set the Arena II 
    Ask for Hammers (Post)
    Serve a random dish 60 times 
    Ask for Screws (Request From Friend)

    Goals 05 Let the Games Begin 
    Ask for Bolt (Post)
    Serve a random dish 75 times 
    Ask for 05 Saws (Request From Friend)

    Goals 06 Let the Games Begin II 
    Ask for Screwdrivers (Post)
    Serve a random dish 80 times 
    Ask for 06 Lights (Request From Friend)
    Reward Unlocks: Ambrosia Salad recipe

    Goals 07 Get Equipped 
    Ask for Aprons (Post)
    Serve a dish 105 times (Random Dish 14hrs)
    Ask for Pieces of Cutlery

    Goals 08 Get Equipped II 
    Ask for Chef Hats (Post)
    Serve a random dish 105 times 
    Ask for 08 Ladles(Request From Friend)

    Goals 09 Plan Celebrations 
    Ask for Streamers (Post)
    Serve a random 14hr dish 105 times
    Ask for 09  Balloons(Request From Friend)
    Reward Unlocks: Grilled Sausage Burger recipe

    Goals 10 Plan Celebrations II 
    Ask for Fireworks
    Serve a random dish  105 times 
    Ask for 10  Podiums (Request From Friend)
    Reward: Spirit of Olympics 4x 50% stove

    cafe world- Field Of Dreams

    Hello Players !!! Cafe World Realeased the Field of Dreams 8 of Goals..this is little Goals not time limit.. u can Reward complete all Goals , some Dishes are U have to cook Taste lab complete goals

    # Sourdough, 
    # Bacon,
    # Spinach ,
    # 1*  50% stove   

    Goal 01 Field of Dreams
    Ask for 5 Tomatos (Post)
    Serve Fiery Fish Tacos 10 time (Random dish 2hrs)
    Ask for 5 Basil  (Request From Friend)
    Goal 02 Bugs Be Cone!
    Ask for 6 Bugs Sprays (Post)
    Serve Chicken Satays15time (Random dish )
    Ask for 6 Fly Swatters  (Request From Friend)
    Reward Unlock Taste Lab : Sourdough 

    Goal 03 Feed the Seeds
    Ask for 7 Bags of Fertilizer (Post)
    Serve Taste Lab dish with Sourdough 25times
    Ask for7 Shovels  (Request From Friend)
    Goal 04 The Wishing Well
    Ask for 8 Buckets (Post)
    Serve Chicken on Sticks 35 time (Random Dish)
    Ask for 8 Ladles (Request From Friend)
    Reward Unlock Taste Lab : Bacon
    Goal 05 Weeds Be Gone
    Ask for 7 Spray Bottles (Post)
    Serve Taste Lab dish with Bacon 55times
    Ask for 7 Towels  (Request From Friend)

    Goal 06 Cream Of The Crop
    Ask for 10 Pruning Shears (Post)
    Serve Chicken Bamboo Currys 65 time (Random Dish)
    Ask for 10 Cultivations (Request From Friend)
    Reward Unlock Taste Lab : Spinach

    Goals 7 Labor of Love 
    Ask for 8 Sun Visors (Post)
    Serve Taste Lab dish with  Spinach 85times
    Ask for 8 Pots (Request From Friend)

    Goals 8 Time to Harvest
    Ask for 10 Sample Bags (Post)

    Serve  Dish 105 time (Random Dish 14hrs)
    Ask for 10 Buckets (Request From Friend)
    Rewards : 1 * Fred's Farm 50% Stove

    Cafe World - Lisa and Joe's family Vacation

    Cafe World has released Cafe World - JOE AND LISA'S FAMILY VACATION Goals. This mission is 12day event,any player can earn  new six Stoves ,Caption Counter Space(Extra  Counter slot) you should this reward  finish with the time limit  The Stage of Build you have  the Roan Trip and Souvenirs. The catering order is the Theme Park Catering and Havaiian Catering

    *6*  6X 50% stoves
    *Spice Pack
    *Caption Counter Space  (Extra  Counter slot )
    *You also get 6x stoves for completing the  Road Trip and Souvenirs 

    Day One
    Goals 1:1 Road Trip
    Ask for 4 Minivan keys (Post)
    Serve  Angel Slices 40 times (Random Dish 12hrs) 
    Ask for 4 Gps (Request from friends)

    Goal 1:2 Energy Fix 
    Ask for 5 Coffee Mugs (Post)
    Serve a Voodoo Chicken Salad 40 times (Random Dish 12hrs) 
    Ask for 4 Energy Drinks (Request from Friend) 

    Goals 1:3 Tire Burst
    Ask for 7 Tire jacks (Post)
    Serve Smoked Salmon Pizza 49 times (Random Dish 9hrs)
    Serve Chickens on a Stick 29 times (Random Dish 10hrs) 

    Day Two 
    Goals 2:1 Into the Park
    Ask for 4 Park Maps (Post)
    Serve Frozen  Lemon  Custard 40 times (Random Dish 8hrs) 
    Ask for 4 Park hats (Request from friends)

    Goals 2:2 Souvenir Shop
    Ask for 5 Souvenir Pennies (Post)
    Serve Braised Beef 45 times (Random Dish 12hrs) 
    Ask for 5  Souvenir Mugs (Request from friends)

    Road Trip  - 10 Stages of Rewards

    Stage 1  Earn: 2 Six Hour Thyme Thyme
    Stage 2  Earn: 3 Six Hour Thyme Thyme 
    Stage 3  Earn: Short Ribs ! Recipe 
    Stage 4  Earn:2 Mastery Mints Thyme 
    Stage 5  Earn:5 Six Hour Thymes
    Stage 6  Earn: Havaiian Shave Ice 
    Stage 7  Earn: 2 Instant Thymes 
    Stage 8  Earn: 2 Quest Buster Thyme 
    Stage 9  Earn: Kalua Pig Recipe
    Stage 10Earn: Moose 6x Mega Stove

    Cafe World - Independence Day 6X 50% Stove

    Independence Day 6X 50% Stove goals are Released by Cafe world this event are little time offer you have left more complete this goals 7 days if You can complete You can reward this items 

                                              * 1 Independence 6x Ultra Stove
                                              * BBQ Pork Ribs
                                              * Potato Salad
                                              * Egg Salad Sandwich recipes
                                              * 3 Six Hour Thyme
    You have to build 6 part of the Independence Day Tour Reward 1 Independence 4x Ultra Stove

    Goal 01 
    Place your Independence Stove

    Goal 02 ( Bunner # 1) Begin Independence  
    Ask for 6 Independence Metal Plates (Post)
    Serve a Menudo 30times(Random Dish 4hrs)
    Ask for 6 Independence Bolts(Request From friend)

    Goal 03 ( Bunner # 1) Independence Burner  
    Ask for 5 Independence Circuits (Post)
    Serve a Baklava 40 Dish (Random Dish 8hrs)
    Serve a Rose Glazed Breis 40 times (Random Dish 12hrs)

    Goal 04 ( Bunner # 1) Finish Independence
    Ask for 9 Independence displays (Request from friends)
    Serve a Chocolate Cream pie 50 times (Random Dish 10hrs)
    Serve a Snow Flakes Cake 60 times (Random Dsih 6hrs)

    Goal 05 ( Bunner # 2) Independence Burner
    Complete Stage 2 of the Independence Day Tour
    Serve Irash golden Hums 70 times (Random Dish 8hrs)
    Ask for 6 Independence Wiring (Post)

    Goal 06 ( Bunner # 2) Finish Independence
    Ask for 10 Independence Gas pipes (Request From friends)
    Serve a Chocolate Pecan pie 50 times (Random Dish 14hrs)
    Serve a Kabayaki 70 times (Random Dish 12hrs)

    Independence Day Tour 6 Stages have left complete

    Stage 1 Reward : BBQ Pork Ribs recipe
    Stage 2 Reward : 1 Six Hour Thyme
    Stage 3 Reward : Potato Salad recipe
    Stage 4 Reward : 2 Six Hour Thymes
    Stage 5 Reward : Egg Salad Sandwich recipe
    Stage 6 Reward: 1 Independence 4X Ultra Stove

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